15 Wins From Twitter (February 2020)


#1: Underpromise & Overdeliver
Too many people talk too much and do too little. Live your life and do things your own way - keep the main thing the main thing. I've found it hella useful to acknowledge my floors (flaws). Flaws are the first step to the fix. I'd rather be better than I think than be worse than I think.

#2: Talk good behind peoples backs, or don't talk at all
Hating is corny. And that energy is destructive for everybody. I refuse to be around anyone not w/ this.

#3: 2 most important characteristics: Drive & Grit
Having the drive to achieve your vision + the grit to withstand the hurdles you're bound to face is a skill + trait that many don't possess. If you don't have these traits, develop them.

#4: Ego
Ego gets in the way of most people succeeding. Learning how to remove your ego from the equation (I.E in hiring coaches...) is tantamount to success. You don't know everything. Accept it, and hire someone who can help you break through plateaus.

#5: Haters & people who don't want to work with you
If you walk into a room with 100 people, 95 won’t want you to succeed, and won't want to work with you. That’s just the reality of life. Focus on the 5 that want to work with you. Write for them.

#6: Mental peace
Daily mediation, affirmations and journaling seem onerous but will keep your mind at ease better than any drug or vice out there (and they keep you focused on your goals). My recommendation? • 30 min/day of mediation • 30 min/day of journaling & review

#7: Accountability is the cornerstone of all progress.

#8: "I used to think I wasn’t good at relationships but then I realized I’m actually great at relationships, I’m just not good at performing. A lot of people consider a good partner as someone who is willing to stay asleep in a false reality with them. I’m not interested in that life."

#9: Truth lies in man's discovery of his genuine motivations. Do his actions arise from ego? Or to fill a hole within himself? Or for a morsel of pleasure? Discovering his true motivations, Without rules or judgments, He becomes mature. And gains the respect of the Universe.

#10: No one thinks about you in quite the way you think. No one will love you in the way that you hope. No one can give you what you have always longed for. No one will make you what you seek to become. To Lean Is to Fall.

#11: Truth lives in Questions.

#12: The soul knows what it's doing

#13: Nature fails not to thwart Any and all things Done for the purposes of validation or praise. The uncompromising purity of one's pursuits Are the only thing a man will ever have.

#14: Instead of creating habits, why not simply become more present, more conscious, more aware? Habits create robots; awareness creates beings who are in-tune with life, in-tune with all of existence.

#15: Information is energy. Share it with those who you feel will use it in a constructive, positive way. Otherwise, save your energy.

*Looks at #15 while realizing I'm sharing this w you*

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